Many of our loyal customers want a pair of boots that truly represents them, and that’s why they order customized boots from us here at Fenoglio Boot Company.  It’s a fun way to pick your own select hides, design your particular style, fit and shape, and there’s nothing cooler than a pair of customized, full-leather, truly Texas-made boots.  You can call, email or come on by our retail Boot Store and we’ll get to creating your next pair of one-of-a-kind cowboy boots.

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There’s much to be said for a great pair of custom cowboy boots, starting with full-leather construction and the choicest of exotic and traditional hides that you can hand pick right here at the Fenoglio Boot Company factory.  Our customized Fenoglio boots are fashioned to your tastes, with hand-tooled options, the stitching style you pick (or design), with detailed leather inlay appointments that are only as limited as your imagination, and heel styles, toe shapes, colors and finishes of your choosing.

These boots are the mark of the finest tastes, fit and individuality, and we invite you to call us or visit our retail store on main street or come in to the the Fenoglio factory and we’ll not only give you a tour, we’ll help you design a pair of customized boots that fit your lifestyle and your feet the way a real good-looking, top-of-the-line Texas cowboy boot should.  There’s nothing finer than a Fenoglio, and a pair of customized boots represent the very best in a traditional, Texas-born and Texas-made cowboy boot.  Build your own pair of Fenoglio boots by ordering online or in person today.